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bpa acts like he is row again in migraine. migraine is female predominant and estrogen is involved in causing headaches so we studied rats where we gave them bpa and compared them to rats who didn't have bpa and tested them for headache-like behaviors. and we found that the bpa rats were -- had much worse headaches. they a individualed -- avoided light, they avoided sound, and we also did some studies on pain related molecular pathways and all of those were increased in the rats that had bpa. jenna: if i could, because it's very interesting. can you explain that connection between bpa that we find in every day products and estrogen levels? >> so bpa is called an environmental estrogen. it's been known since the 1930's that it can activate the same receptors in our body that estrogen activates. so it acts like estrogen and of course, it depends on the dose and no one knows what the real safe dose is and no one knows anything about potential effects of environmental estrogens, including bpa and disorders like migraine. jenna: i'm sorry to interrupt. it's so interesting. there's folks
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1